It all started on a whim…

Back in December of 2010 my Friends Brian and Trisha Lashchuk came to visit for a weekend at my home in Ohio.  We had discussed doing a silly short Christmas horror short beforehand and basically slapped together some loose ideas to form a short video.

We headed out to my Parents farm and shot Brian dressed as a psychotic Santa Claus chasing after his wife in the snow and murdering her with a giant pick axe! It was a ton of fun to shoot and we even got to do some simple little blood gag which sort of worked right on the 3rd or 4th take.

We shot the whole thing in one afternoon and evening, finishing up around 10 or 11 PM at night if memory serves.  Having the cinematic lighting was great but it also slowed us down a lot! We had to wait sometimes an hour for a lighting set up to happen and that caused a few issues but we made it through.

It was quickly edited together that night and sent out to our respective client lists as a simple Christmas card greeting.

For 2011 we really wanted to step up our game!

While the 2010 video was fun it really was rushed. So for 2011 we decided to step it up and do something bigger.  Brian was able to get us a family that was willing to be butchered and we even had some professional help in the form a a true Cinematographer in Keith Slawinski.

Keith had some great ideas on lighting the short to make it really feel like Christmas and the results speak for themselves.  Simply put its the best looking thing I’ve ever shot!

I edited the short over the course of a weekend and was able to get it live in time for Christmas.  While its not everything I had envisioned its still a really funny and silly short film that has been received well.

I hope that Brian and I can someday return to the world of Christmas Nightmares and do another episode in the future.

– Christopher Brielmaier (November 2016)